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Seems like this stuff come out everytime a person goes to eat or something.

Anyway, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has some new statistics on where some professions are xpecting the above average groth for the next 7 to 10 years.

Most of the positions expect an higher educational background.

Expected new positions through 2012

Registered nurses: 623,000
Postsecondary teachers: 603,000
Management: 376,000
Nursing aides: 343,000
Elementary school teachers: 223,000
Accountants: 205,000
Computer systems analysts: 184,000
Secondary school teachers: 180,000
Computer software engineers: 179,000
Information systems managers: 103,000

Good news for me, since I plan on going into systems information and forsaw its important back in 2001 when I first started taking courses at DeVry for a second degree in IT. More good news for me also because I spent even more money going to grad school to get a dual MBA and MISM with a focus on information systems and security.

I'm sooooo smart!!! Now if I can only get a job that pays me a little more money, I can finish my initial investment and be able to better pay it back (this stuff costed me thousands of dollars)

So those fields above hopefully is the place where your spending your hard earn (possibly borrowed) money to go to school for, otherwise you might find yourself in allot of debt with no real way to pay it off.

I think nursing is such a big hit today because so many people went into technology that nursing hit an all time low. Low recruitment and high turnover. My first college had a whole separate school for nursing on campus, but it closed down because no one was going (This was at City College in NY)

So now nursing and things related to care are a hit. Plus, you don't have to much off shoring here...

"Another source of interest may be attributed to student loan forgiveness given by health care institutions and the federal government when students are hired after graduation," notes Elizabeth McGann, DNSc, RN, CS, associate professor of nursing, and chair of the department of nursing at Quinnipiac University (Quinnipiac, NY).

How true, how true. Try to do that with a MS degree...

Teaching seems at an all time high as well... if you reach a specific level. When you think about it, it makes sence; you need all this education to get a job so who has the job of educating all these people? If 1 in 4 Americans enrolled in an educational institution, someone has to make sure they are taught.

I plan on scoping out some schools to be a temp teacher... but teaching kids scare me. I would rather teach college students (well not teach, but be an assistant). Techniclally, I can be a temp teacher in the NYC schools because I have a degree, but I don't know if I want to be under the pressure of the classroom teens... most of them going through their teen angst and/or teen heat.


But I'll give it a shot cause while I am working part time right now, and the job is pretty good (all things being equal), it doesn't pay enough.

Well, that's the story. There are more details to it in the link about other top professions. Take a look.

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