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March 7, 2016 by joeKnowledge
Hello everyone! It's nice to be back. I've been around since 2001/2 (I can't remeber) and I've seen some things. I used to change the way my desktop looked everyday for at least 2 years, then it was every 2 days... then once a week... now it's more like I'll change my DreamScapes wallpaper every few days or so and that's it. I can now keep a "theme" for months. It might be because I work off of laptops mostly now instead of my desktop.

The main skinning program for...
February 29, 2016 by joeKnowledge
I would have not posted this hea but for whatever reason sending an email to stardock or edge runner keeps bouncing back. 

I keep getting an error message saying that my encryption key is incorrect. I go to the primary computer and the encryption key button is faded out. I can't access it for any changes.

Whats odd is that everything worked when I originally installed the program.

What can I do? Also I have version 3.42 KM build but I don't seem to have KVM.

What should ...
January 19, 2016 by joeKnowledge
Any info on if there is going to be a GUI Champs for 2016?
December 11, 2007 by joeKnowledge
A question for those who understand business law:
Group Boycotts and Refusals to Deal

I can understand why this is part of the Sherman Act; it blocks companies from squashing a competitor who may be new to the market or just really not liked for some reason or another. For example you have 3 oil companies who deal with 10 different truck companies... the 11 company does the same thing and they work with them too, but then as a group decide not to because company 11 eats babies (work with me ...
October 17, 2006 by joeKnowledge
Americans, Europeans, Asians, Rusians, Africans... deal with it.

Not even the USA can do anything about North Korea and for that matter Iran. Just think about it for a minute. How exactly do you propose that we or any other nation do anything?

Talking won't work because these countries use talking to allow them more time and to give themsevles more of a bargaining chip (ransom) later on. Why would North Korea stop its nuclear plan? Sanctions? Those sanctions will be lifted just as soon as ...
August 5, 2006 by joeKnowledge
SMC other wise known as Specialty Merchandise Corporation (with Tom Bosley as their spokemen)

Anyone here try this? What was your experience? Did you make your own website?

I'm trying to decide whether I should do it or not.
April 25, 2006 by joeKnowledge
Just to let you guys know, I did a presentation on the history of the GUI and I definiatly did mention Stardock a few times toward the end and even presented this website to the class.

The next time I present GUI's will be for my presentation at Copper Union (NYC... its part of a small business workshop graduation)!

I going into the business of technology consulting and web development (turning dreams into reality... HA!). Of course I am including skinning because of its ability to change...
February 11, 2006 by joeKnowledge
Seriously... what is so bad about Wal-Mart? Why do people think that a job should always pay, no matter what it is, a 'living wage'?

Granted that many 'entry level' jobs are really just dead end jobs with no chance of advancement or pay increase, but they are low paying jobs for a reason.

As far as employee treatment, I am not sure if Wal-Mart is different than any other major chain of service/product businesses. Is McDonalds a bad place to work? What about Starbucks? K-Mart?

Sears? JB...
December 19, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I am not exactly all for the strik, quite frankly.l The 33,000 to 35,000 people who work for Transit get paid pretty well actually. There is nothing wrong with a base pay of 30,000.

When I took the test for Conducter, i was amonst almost 1000 people trying to get in. Trust me, those people aren't trying to get those jobs because they don't pay well.

Then there is over time.

The MTA wants them to pay 1% of their medical... so what? 1%? Give me a break here!
The TWU doesn't like the 1%...
December 12, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Many moons ago I wrote about how "Is It Really As Simple As 'Work hard and you will make it'? and it would seem now that I have found out why I feel that way.

In a MSN Money article about college debt and over spending I read how basically most people my age (between 25-35) who went to school and *gasp* finished did not get the jobs, the money or any of the stereotipical stuff you usually would think you would get after *ahem* working hard through school (maybe even working full time while f...
September 30, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I know many people her don't believe in the big brother thing coming. I don't personally go for all the hype, but I do believe that you will feel the pressure to not say or do things that could get us in some sort of trouble... like sayinganti-Bush (or whoever is the president in the future) statements and then being watche or taken in for questioning.

Here is the quote from the article:
September 30, 2005 5:09 PM PDT
Your DNA or else: Police to collect your genetic material

The Violenc...
September 23, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I, for one, do not like the terrorism act.

The US Patriot Act seems less intruding than England version. I know I can be arrested for any reason at any time, like for example searching on Google and my library record taken to use against me.

For the sake of safety, i can be held for days, months or years and my family will not know.

I don't like that.

I am sure many people here will say ts worth it, but when it comes to England's version, I don't know..

Here is a quote from someon...
September 23, 2005 by joeKnowledge
A( has been working on this for a while. Now they have street views of areas so you can see just waht is there at eye level on a map.

Not exactly etter than Google, but you have to admit, if you REALLY want to see the shop your going to, after using Google, you should take a look on A9 to see if an image at eye level is there.

Here is a list of some places:
* New York, NY
* Los Angeles, CA
* Dallas, TX
* San Francisco, CA
* San Jose, CA
* Boston, MA
* S...
September 18, 2005 by joeKnowledge

Is this guy on crack or something? Now he wants people in NO and according to this acticle, there are only 4 hosptials half open.

What if another storm hits? What's the plan with half broken levees? I know, use the buses that were flooded out in a parking lot. I am sure they are dry now.

What about water testing? I guess everybody who goes back will know not to drink the water... or even wash in it.

Are the police ready? The schools?

Next week, 1/3 of NO will be allowed i...
September 8, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I haven't seen it in the ranting and ravings of either side.

I think and I hope not to enflame anyone on age, but she is getting older and not as press savvy. So even if the words are in context, it might not mean what people are making it out to be.

"Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them," Mrs. Bush told American Public Media's "Marketplace" program,...