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March 7, 2016 by joeKnowledge
Hello everyone! It's nice to be back. I've been around since 2001/2 (I can't remeber) and I've seen some things. I used to change the way my desktop looked everyday for at least 2 years, then it was every 2 days... then once a week... now it's more like I'll change my DreamScapes wallpaper every few days or so and that's it. I can now keep a "theme" for months. It might be because I work off of laptops mostly now instead of my desktop.

The main skinning program for...
January 19, 2016 by joeKnowledge
Any info on if there is going to be a GUI Champs for 2016?
April 25, 2006 by joeKnowledge
Just to let you guys know, I did a presentation on the history of the GUI and I definiatly did mention Stardock a few times toward the end and even presented this website to the class.

The next time I present GUI's will be for my presentation at Copper Union (NYC... its part of a small business workshop graduation)!

I going into the business of technology consulting and web development (turning dreams into reality... HA!). Of course I am including skinning because of its ability to change...
August 23, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I am (as always) working on something.

Here it is.

Its a skin site that is trying (really trying) to be like an old site I liked allot called Skin (gone now)

I wanted it mostly for skinners to show off their creations before its done (WIP) or to promote themselves for whatever reasons.

There are many skins sites out there (I am seeing now) and maybe this might not work, but I thought to give it a try since esourcemagazine is about art, media and tech.

Another question:...
February 20, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I have been thnking about a few ideas for a widget.

On idea has to do with popular searches on a daily basis and depending on how much an item is searched, the DX object changes color...

How about a fuzzy logic mood changer based on moon phases and time of day?

Now that we have a caleneder/clock/notetaking device, how about it changing shape when an alert comes on?

Gmail notification... ok, how about gmail notification and email access directly to the gmail interface using Googles A...
February 13, 2005 by joeKnowledge

ReButz2 by brewman

Here we go people!!! What was your favorite back in the day skin?

Nux by APB for CursorXP
My boss by APB for CursorXP

Emisions by jalentorn for CursorXP
Indemnity_XP by Jeffey James for CursorXP
Triangles APB Green by jalentorn for CursorXP

Sportsman_v2 by Koasati for WindowBlinds
XP Corona by Pixtudio for WindowBlinds
Iboni by Apocalypse_67 for WindowBlinds

Carbon by Max-Pixel for IconPackager
Be My Valentine by Keila for CursorXP