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A nice story on Salary and how much it does for you and where.
Published on May 26, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Business
Here is a quote:

The cities that topped our list have all been regarded as "Renaissance" or "revitalized" cities, perhaps as a result of the influx of large corporations and federal defense spending. Chart-topper New London, CT is the new research and development headquarters of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, as well as home to a US Naval and Coast Guard base (slated to be closed).

Huntsville, AL, which landed second on the list of cities with the best "Salary Value", has seen a substantial increase in scientists and engineers who have come to work for NASA and the US Army's Redstone Arsenal. Increased Homeland Security spending has also drawn highly skilled workers to the National Security Agency, which is based in the Baltimore (#3) metropolitan area

There is an economic term for moving to where the jobs are, unfortunalty I do not remember (and I have not put it in my knowledge archive as of yet) but I was planning a move to New Mexico because the jobs are there and my money would do more in that state.

Anyway,. they give a list of the best and worst (New York, where I live, being on the worst list) and other insightfull tidbits.

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Hope this helps someone.

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