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Its a forgone conclusion that Syria is on the new list, so lets just look for another canadate:

So let's backtrack. Iraq, Iran and North Korea are the official members of the Axis of Evil. Iraq is history now. Syria has been deemed a junior member of the Axis as well. This much is a given.

But now that there's a job opening in the world's most infamous club, who'll step up to the plate? Syria's doing an alright job but let's look further. Who sells missles to Syria in broad daylight, builds nuclear reactors for Iran (AoE member extrordinaire) and supports North Korea? Give up? Russia!

Putin is nobody's friend and the sooner the US and especially the Europeans realize this and start pushing him around (or better yet, push him OUT) the sooner we can get on with business. Putin has about as many democratic credentials as Gannon did journalist credentials.

Could Russia join the list of terrorist supporters?

on Feb 19, 2005

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