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Published on February 19, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Politics
So how has abortion worked for America? How many think women go from abortion to abortion without a care in the world? How is the adobtion system working? Do some families just say. "yeah, my welfare just increased by 300 dollars because I got a new kid" and decide not to abort? Is bringing a child into a bad family situation ok enough to abort?

What about the host to this child? what rights does she have or did she give them up by becoming pregnant?

What of those of rape and insest or those who life can end due to health reasons if they give birth? what of those who pass on a desease to the child like HIV or Sicle Cell? What if the child is deformed at 1 month already?

What if the mother is a drug abuser, or the father a convicted sex offender?

Just how good is the adobtion system? If chilren born into poverty or broken homes have a greater chance of being poor, or involve themselves in criminal activity, can it be looked at as saving the child from a large possibility of a hard life?

If an exicuted prisoner is someones child, how is it ok to be pro-life with a child but not an adult especially when the sttistics were against him or her to start as 'the average' statistical baby born to these women?

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