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OK, I read the story on and the commenters so far are ripping the toolbar as redundant.

Firstly I would like to say that I currently can't find a way to search for multiple words on ONE page at a time. The toobar does that.

If you have a user page on yahoo, now you can assess it and its subpages from the toolbar, you can add favorites and save them on-line, check you email, add buttons that are yahoo specific...

in other words. there are uses. instead of saying that FireFox can be good for all and reach all from Linux to Windows, and those WHO do used the toolbar can organize themselves simular to what they did on explorer, they say it useless and a waste of time.

then don't use it. strangle enough there are plenty of plug-ins that are not included in FireFox but IF NEEDED you can download...

I was thinking, while standing in the kitchen, that if I was a company on the web, I would want Mac users because when you cater to them, they tend to be loyal and spend (they also tend to have money to spend in the first place). Plus they make great 'lead users' to champion the product.

I just feel that this is a big step forward, why down it?

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