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anyone know a good program like Multiplicity I can try???
Published on February 29, 2016 By joeKnowledge In Personal Computing

I would have not posted this hea but for whatever reason sending an email to stardock or edge runner keeps bouncing back. 

I keep getting an error message saying that my encryption key is incorrect. I go to the primary computer and the encryption key button is faded out. I can't access it for any changes.

Whats odd is that everything worked when I originally installed the program.

What can I do? Also I have version 3.42 KM build but I don't seem to have KVM.

What should I do? Anyone know?



And does anyone know a good program that does what Multiplicity does? if I cant get it to work, I am willing to try something else thats good. It initialy worked and I was like this is perfect but then it stopped working. It was like having all kinds of horse power from one keyboard.

on Feb 29, 2016

Did you accidentally enable the option on the secondary computer to only accept encrypted connections?

MP KM does not support encryption (all other versions of MP do support it), so connections would fail in that case.

on Mar 02, 2016

Hey Neil Banfield! Thanks for the reply. I tried to contact Stardock but for some reason I couldn't get through the capacha like work scramble lol

The second computer is definitely on secondary. I actually didn't change any settings when it worked the first time Allot of the areas grey'ed out was always grey'ed out. I took a look to see if the ports were open for the program to work and they were. Set up encryption key is greyed, allow files to be transferred is greyed, pressing ctrl three times will toggle keyboard is greyed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the computer seemed to remember all the old settings. I guess I have to uninstall and go through the registry but I was hoping to avoid that.  


I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I would love to control 3 computers and transfer the files I'm working on immediately or see the second computer screen on the main screen. Maybe its because the main computer is a windows 8 machine? 

on Mar 02, 2016

Those are all disabled on MP KM

What version did you buy?

You should be able to contact support by sending a mail to if you are having issues with the site.  They will no doubt ask you to run something to capture the settings on both machines so they can be looked at.

on Mar 04, 2016

ok thank you for the help. i probably thinking I had the version that allowed you to control 3 computers if you get it and are a one year subscriber to object desktop. I definitely   have the KM version (verson 3.42 KM build 0080).

I'll email them to see what can be done. at least get the regular functionality back working.

Again thanks for your help!