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How 'Bout Some Amnesty for LEGAL Immigrants? (by: little_whip)
Published on November 20, 2004 By joeKnowledge In Current Events

Well, I am not to sure about this one. America was built on immegrants. Nevertheless, an very touchy important issue. Not black and white by any means.

How 'Bout Some Amnesty for LEGAL Immigrants? (by: little_whip)

and give us back our money, while youre at it....

on Nov 20, 2004
It is unfortunate but, Illegal immigrants are an integral part of our economic system. Seriously, would you want to pay $5 per tomato or $2 per Apple? Anyhow that' the economic outlook on it. I wonder though have they added in the farmers cost for food and housing for the illegals?

I know current day estimates say that it would have been cheaper in the years after the slave trade was stopped and before the Civil War for the farmers to have paid a living wage, rather than taking care of the slaves.......