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Victorian Phone Companies in the 21st Century. (by: BakerStreet)
Published on November 20, 2004 By joeKnowledge In Blogging

This maks me wonder about my own cell carrier. I bet if I ask them about my first late payment and how if I don't renew will I have to pay a fee anyway for leaving (the same fee I would get for leaving now). I bet it would be the same.

The only good thing about that is that I want the T-Mobile SideKick and plan on renewing anyway because I need (well, actually want) the Sidekick and its web capabilities. I could pobably get something else for less that goes on the web, but the SideKick is so cute, and it 'could' be a phone too (evn though I here is it lousy as a phone).

Victorian Phone Companies in the 21st Century. (by: BakerStreet)

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