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December 19, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I am not exactly all for the strik, quite frankly.l The 33,000 to 35,000 people who work for Transit get paid pretty well actually. There is nothing wrong with a base pay of 30,000.

When I took the test for Conducter, i was amonst almost 1000 people trying to get in. Trust me, those people aren't trying to get those jobs because they don't pay well.

Then there is over time.

The MTA wants them to pay 1% of their medical... so what? 1%? Give me a break here!
The TWU doesn't like the 1%...
September 18, 2005 by joeKnowledge

Is this guy on crack or something? Now he wants people in NO and according to this acticle, there are only 4 hosptials half open.

What if another storm hits? What's the plan with half broken levees? I know, use the buses that were flooded out in a parking lot. I am sure they are dry now.

What about water testing? I guess everybody who goes back will know not to drink the water... or even wash in it.

Are the police ready? The schools?

Next week, 1/3 of NO will be allowed i...
September 8, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I haven't seen it in the ranting and ravings of either side.

I think and I hope not to enflame anyone on age, but she is getting older and not as press savvy. So even if the words are in context, it might not mean what people are making it out to be.

"Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them," Mrs. Bush told American Public Media's "Marketplace" program,...
July 10, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I say no. Here is why.

Criminals are criminals. Most are not smart but do have enough brains to know that if this is how you get caught, try a way to not get caught. Find a hole in the system.

Some argue that we know who our enemy is and there is some truth in that. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia (the Iraq of the 1970's-80's and I am willing to bet by 2020 we will be there even though we support the current régime like in Iraq because the radical elements take over) and...
June 23, 2005 by joeKnowledge
If you are, you better hurry up and do it. and amendment is going through the congress right now and it seems it will pass. I wonder what will happen if it does?
March 30, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Terry Schiavo's parents just asked for a stay from the Supreme Court.
March 5, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Some things happen for a reason... maybe not...

Its been about 5 weeks since I have been on what I would call forced public assistance (since I am not allowed to collect unemployment) Next week will begin the 6th week. I am supposed to get my security certificate renewed (as if I really want to go back to being a security guard after what happened to me) but what can I do? So much for having a degree LOL

Now, for some reason, my food allocation (lets call it food stamps for short) hasn't ...
February 19, 2005 by joeKnowledge
So how has abortion worked for America? How many think women go from abortion to abortion without a care in the world? How is the adobtion system working? Do some families just say. "yeah, my welfare just increased by 300 dollars because I got a new kid" and decide not to abort? Is bringing a child into a bad family situation ok enough to abort?

What about the host to this child? what rights does she have or did she give them up by becoming pregnant?

What of those of rape and insest or th...
February 11, 2005 by joeKnowledge
This is something that i think was long and coming. Some of these lawsuits were so large that it did make me wonder if it was bad.

As I currently plan to sew a business I worked for recently, I have to say suing a business is not easy at all... at least when it comes to labor. I don't really know about other types of lawsuits, but I would gather that it would be difficult for those of little means to find someone to defend them in a court or even put together a case in the first place.

I g...
January 28, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Oh man, what will the polititians do if a speacial draft were to be announced

That assertion is demonstrably false. According to an internal Selective Service memo made public under the Freedom of Information Act, the agency's acting director met with two of Rumsfeld's undersecretaries in February 2003 precisely to debate, discuss and ponder a return to the draft. The memo duly notes the administration's aversion to a draft but adds, "Defense manpower officials concede there are critical s...
October 9, 2004 by joeKnowledge

Poll: Youth Tie Bush, Draft Reinstatement

WASHINGTON (AP) - In spite of denials by the Bush administration, half of young Americans believe President Bush wants to reinstate the military draft, a national poll suggests.

The National Annenberg Election Survey found that 51 percent of adults age 18 to 29 believe Bush wants to reinstate the draft. Eight percent said Kerry supports bring back the draft, and 7 percent said both want to. A fourth of those polled said neithe...
September 21, 2004 by joeKnowledge
Usually don't blog here or at the very least I put a personal spin on something I am linking to then just below is a clip of the article link and the link itself.

But this is different:

Over on the other blogging system, they have there fair share of bloggers who are political and I ran into some hot ones.

It starts off with iPolitica and goes downhill from there.

Then, just for fun mind you, you have some very interestingly named blogs