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August 23, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Google Talk is now up.

Didn't try it yet. Will you?
August 22, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Take a look... I am sure someone will have a DX widget doing this in a couple of weeks
April 15, 2005 by joeKnowledge

Google to start 'video blogging'
Search engine firm Google is to begin an experiment in "video blogging", according to co-founder Larry Page.

Mr Page told a conference in San Francisco that the company would be archiving people's video clips, starting in the next few days.

The move to let people upload video to Google's servers comes as the firm trials a video search service.

Google Video provides transcripts of TV clips and links to downloadable content, where it ...
April 5, 2005 by joeKnowledge
What is next I say? Limitless storage maybe? I mean with only 1 percent of users actually using 1 GB why not?

Also, with sharing, social networking on the rise, RSS feeds and blogging, I think the next logical step is shared GMail accounts. You get a RSS feed from your account as it is, but what if you wanted to share your emails with people using the RSS feed?

I mentioned this in a thread about DX3 that Frogboy started. I was thinking could DesktopX allow people to view ONLY the emails in...
April 5, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Google must have heard me talk about what they were going to do with Keyhole in a previous post.

Here are some images of i in action:
CNET Shots

Now, whether this is a great use for Keyhole is another story. I was more expecting more of a zoom (like almost eye level much like what A( is trying to do)


Google adds satellite images to maps
By Dawn Kawamoto Staff Writer, CNET

Google has added satellite technology to its mapping service, in a move t...