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September 4, 2005 by joeKnowledge
I was just thinking how an uninstaller can be really helpful in those spyware/adware wars.

What uninstaller do you use? I am thinking about Ashampoo.
September 5, 2004 by joeKnowledge

Ready to install SP2?
Problems, delays dominate headlines; CNET expert offers advice for home users

The delays for Microsoft's XP Service Pack 2 have made headlines for weeks. What should consumers consider in deciding when and how to install the update? Correspondent James Hilliard talks with CNET's Security Watch editor, Robert Vamosi, about the update's potential benefits and limitations.

3 minutes 54 seconds
Aug 27, 2004 11:30:00 AM

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February 29, 2016 by joeKnowledge
I would have not posted this hea but for whatever reason sending an email to stardock or edge runner keeps bouncing back. 

I keep getting an error message saying that my encryption key is incorrect. I go to the primary computer and the encryption key button is faded out. I can't access it for any changes.

Whats odd is that everything worked when I originally installed the program.

What can I do? Also I have version 3.42 KM build but I don't seem to have KVM.

What should ...
April 4, 2005 by joeKnowledge
Who here has been a victom of bad Dell support? Just wondering because I read a CNET blog report on it about the India workers complaining about the job. (and how it sucks butt)

I have never really used Dell support for anything really. The only thing I noticed was that they gave my sister a 128 RAM instead of 256RAM (but I didn't notice until it was too late (it was a free upgrade deal))

Anyone having, or had issues with Dell? No issues with Dell?