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TWU disses its own future members
Published on December 19, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Politics
I am not exactly all for the strik, quite frankly.l The 33,000 to 35,000 people who work for Transit get paid pretty well actually. There is nothing wrong with a base pay of 30,000.

When I took the test for Conducter, i was amonst almost 1000 people trying to get in. Trust me, those people aren't trying to get those jobs because they don't pay well.

Then there is over time.

The MTA wants them to pay 1% of their medical... so what? 1%? Give me a break here!
The TWU doesn't like the 1%, or that new hires get less options than current members. Personally I find no problem with getting less benefits mostly because the benefits being given is still pretty good.


haning the Queens bus lines out to ry is sucha cop out its not even funny. Those 'members' will end up paying for it not only now, but inthe future when they join the MTA is employees (from what I heard, many of those Queens line employees will be starting over once they become part of the MTA)

I wonder why they made them strike, but left the rest of NY out? Maybe because they union leaders would have went to jail once the strike started? Or maybe the million dollar fines?


I supposse that the rest of the union will go on strike Tuesday at 12:01AM right? I'll believe it when i see it. The TWU is willing to let 'almost' union members to loose money and hurt them and their families finacially for the next so many days while the rest of the real union won't be striking until who knows when.

What a way to treat your own members. How exactly does this help getting a better deal for the REST of the union is seemingly lost in my mind. Will they strike at 12:00 Tuesday? Not likely I bet. I'm sure they will pick another date after some 'progress' in the talks.

Very good TWU. If you don't go on strike, I know that if I do join the ranks of the MTA that they are willing to sacifice a few instead of having what is called a union that includes everyone.

on Dec 19, 2005
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