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Should New Orleans Be Rebiult?
Published on September 1, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Current Events
I feel the answer is a solid no.

I read the stories, the backround info, I saw the present and past pictures, I saw the section cut of the city, I know about the hurricain track, how the city is sinking, how the water table is rising, how the river is (one adverage) 3 meters above sea level (the city, for the most part is about 1 meter BELOW sea level)...

Will there be a city? Yeah probably, but suburbs and rural areas? No. Million dollar homes? Probably because they will be able to afford to biuld it correctly and afford to replace it. A family walk up? No.

Before the storm hit, insurance agencies and FEMA already knew this was a desaster waiting to happen. Why rebiuld there? The buffer between the city and the Gulf is disappearing at a rate that is unbelievable to me and is the only natural barriar between a storm and the city.

I do not mean any disrespect to the victims, but I am very upset at the idea of rebiuld when it probably should not have been there in the first place. People died, damage to homes, and land. Oil gone up, money goes out... for something WE KNEW ABOUT FOR YEARS????

I just don't see rebiulding. I see reloacating and a very small city in the original area full of hotels, shops, vacation places and maybe a few homes. I even find that iffy.

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