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... the more I think it is the idea of the decade! More and more sites are cropping up that are trying to do what I been trying to set up for about 3 - 4 years now.

Now you have with its ability to search job listings across the net and giv you an RSS feed for updates and a newcomer named Simply Hired of which does almost the same thing.

Both use RSS technology to help those looking for work to find it.

But Simply Hired went a step further and now has created Simply Fired.

Instead of just being a site about searching for jobs and giving tips and stuff (like Career Builder or other job hunting sites) not you can talk about your experiences of being a working stiff and even how you ended up being fired.

Now bad h'uh?

et things are still pretty sparattic when it comes to job searching tools that can be used or social networking idea that have yet to be used for job searching or Workplace Life in general.

There still seems to be a place for Knowledge Net. So far, no one has been able to just combine the technologies that are already out there (especially in social networking): Blogging, RSS feeds, Saving Links, Business Info, Archiving Web Pages, User Search Tagging

Yahoo as of recent started a beta test on saving web pages. I don't know how this will work when you have companies who do not want their work saved (a court battle against Google and A9 is currently underway) but this is the best idea yet. Now you can save a link as well as the last condition of the web page ON-LINE! Completely searchable and sharable for later recovery.

I wanted, at first Knowledge Net to be a place for job searching and self-improvement. It still will be, but I think it can be better suited as a place for just archiving and sharing data and information. Don't get data and information confused. When I mean data, I mean facts that really don't mean anything. Information would be actual web page articles or other such things (even your own written articles) that use data to create information.

Then there is knowledge of which is a step above information. On knowledge Net you will be created knowledge for yourself and others.

Then on Knowledge Job Net, it will be more specifically on job search, workplace info, hanging out and such.

I want each member to have their own blog (2 actually... this will help in organizing data), their own on-line portfolio and a resume builder. Members can share files, calendars, RSS feeds. links, archived web pages and even each others own written works.

Knowledge Net will be like keeping tabs on companies that might not be around... I just won't call it fucked... more like adjusting or business news.

This is what is needed. I am actually hoping someone else does this too. Its the natural next step in social networking in general and defiantly in job search. Hell, I'll JOIN IT if someone make what I am talking about.

I really think Knowledge Net is the future and is what Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other site and portals are trying to get to. Digg,, Friendster, MySpace... all of them are getting there but not yet (or maybe not even close).

I need to learn more about PHP and MySQL. I am getting a book and looking at on-line tutorials. With my new direction, joeKnowledge will still be around but more as a into site to what you can do with Knowledge Net.

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