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It doesn't get any better than this. With all the hub-bub on off shoring and how its taking away from America jobs, here we have a project that is being taken place for an unknown American company about off shoring.... using offshore employees to do the 'dirty work'.

I personally think if most Americans knew that off shoring is the reason why their cars are so cheap, city services don't eat up more tax dollars, store bought goods are low, and so on... things you think would have nothing to do with off shoring... effect you wallet then maybe the huff and puff wouldn't be as loud.

I think American auto industry is a classic example. Buy American might sound cool, but its not when the companies take advantage of this and do not make any... and I mean ANY... INROADS TO MAKE BETTER OR CHEAPER PRODUCTS.

It was the competition form a foreign county that made the big 3 do things differently. If Americans bought American just because it was American, we would have some very lousy cars running the streets.

The connection is this: by allowing outsourcing, products are produced cheaper. If we stick to one way or one country for a product, we are stuck in a strange sort of monopoly that doesn't really NEED to do it better or cheaper.

I also want to be very specific about this claim: if there is to be a war on terrorism, we have to understand the root... the real root... of it and that is youthful men and women living in poor countries with no hope of being well off or even just ok as well as (and most importantly) having nothing to do.

Generations of this creates what is now Palestine, Siria, and other places around the globe that all of a sudden have drones of people who are willing to believe there conditions are caused by rich nations or willing to die just to be apart of something; to say something about their lives.

Most Americans may not know what it is like to feel that your worthless and live in a community of people who feel that way for generations. To not have jobs, a place to grow, a chance to reap earning off of your hard work (as I wrote before, hard work does help for your to have a better life or lifestyle, but without opportunity to turn it into something, it is pointless... why do you think people cross the border from Mexico? To take American jobs???).

The point I am making is that if most of these places, even India, did not have this outsourcing gig, there would be a population with NOTHING TO LOOSE. I bet you if Palestine had jobs and money coming into it, it would not be what it is now. Even China is cracking down on its freedom of its people because they earning more money and have a tendency to want to be free and live life to its fullest at home. You won't have Chinese terrorist I bet. Why point the finger at a rich nation when you are the rich nation? The middle class all of a sudden can get the info from anywhere and soon start pointing the finger at home. Look at Ireland; the technology boom of the 90’s and even today seems to have quieted the storm. IRA no longer armed with people willing to point to England as the problem I see…

Outsourcing helps in many ways, and should be watched but not the way it has been the past few years (it been viewed by many, especially some politicians as the evil that causes the working class to loose jobs). Outsourcing is not as evil as one may think of it, plus outsourcing isn't the solution for everything. As many companies have found out, outsourcing data across the Atlantic Ocean can cause problems with private data being lost, stolen, or just plain misunderstood by people who speak a different language. Organizational behavior when becoming global is a task in of itself; People think of time in different ways, rush becomes next week and to you its lazy but to them it is ‘why are you thinking there is no future?’ How that is run can be a business in itself and cost more than paying an employee from your own country.

A careful balance can be reached, but a balance is what is needed, especially in times like this. Outsourcing helps grow countries into the present; helps people who want to work hard get an opportunity to do so.

on Aug 04, 2005
sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me.
offshoring increases profit margins, pure and simple. that is sole reason for doing it. those at the top *deserve* to have a nice house, drive nice cars, send their kids to private school. after all they did all the hard work, took all the risks right? to achieve that one must control costs and expand profit eh.
the working class of course sees this and wants something better themselves, but they need to ask for more money for the job. but wait, they cannot be on the same level as those in high places so they need more as well. but start with some poor soul living in a hut and you can greatly improve their life, feel good about it and increase your profit even more. Seems like a win win situation to me.

oh my, what are we to do.
on Aug 04, 2005
I've watched for a long time the as a the economy shifted from a manufacturing to a service economy.

I think the angry young man with nothing to lose is part of the equation. Gywnne Dyer's books Ignorant Armies and Future Tense touches on this idea. He also expands on these comments by introducing a third party (america) which locks in the current regime with business negotiations. This produces desperation within the people as the only thing worse than living in difficult conditions is being powerless to change them.

I'm all for a free market. Ones without the Plunge Protection Team Link or any other entity that seeks to moderate on the government's behalf. It is so easy to be swayed by lobby groups when they inject politics into the mix.

What I do to sift through the rhetoric is look at which groups are the most subsidized. This clue is helpful (like in the sugar industry) in establishing new more efficient markets, to those who are less cost effective.

One of the concerns of a global market is that it gravitates to the lowest cost factor. It does not distinguish human rights or artificially suppressed currencies. It simply shifts.

True offshoring benefits the end user while creating upheaval and potential national security issues. It is the transition that hurts.

Have a cookie.
on Aug 06, 2005
think sometimes people miss the point and react when it comes to protecting their jobs. I guess that is something to expect.

The real idea behind this is not so revolutionary. In fact the Romans did it (for world domination reasons) and if America plans on spreading freedom, it has to share the wealth of that freedom.

Outsourcing is a way of making products cheaper and therefore affordable, but there is more. By including more people into the world economy literally mean that there will be more money to be made. I a sence, instead of thinking that we all are now going to have to share one dollar, by including others in the world economy, that dollar becomes worth more to more people.

India has a new middle class. The next place recieving offshoring (or nearshoring as some call it) is South America (read that in Business 2.0).

People from India can now spend money, create lives for themselves and, much like Rome did with its citystates (again, not saying that America is trying to take over the world) spead its wealth so that the population felt happy and secure. All of a sudden the money invested comes back in vacation visits, products being bought with the new money, and a new market to sell things overall.

Including more people into the world economy is vital, again VITAL, in the war against terrorism. As I said in the article, you won't find too many Indian terrorists or people willing to apply... Ireland IRA has disbanded its military wing, and I am sure South America will also be less inclined to be the next terrorist haven.