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Are women just not aggressive enough? Does it start at school and teachers not picking female students? Here is a quote from the Wokplace article:

The women in the study opted out of a math tournament more often than the men did, despite the fact that many of the women performed the problems better or equally well. By declining the chance to compete, the women also turned down a shot at higher pay.

Most men, even those who performed poorly, chose to compete.

I know someone who fits this siuation and she just doesn't want to be a maneger. Difference in pay: 100.00USD now - 714.00USD a week

What are your thoughts?

on May 30, 2005
Women need a Fasching Holiday

...and so do men.
on May 30, 2005
Well, I suck at math (really, I do)...but...I think that women have been conditioned to feel inferior to men in the workplace. This leads to fear and anxiety about leadership as well as fear and anxiety to do things (such as mathematics) that have been traditionally considered left-brain male territory.
on Jun 10, 2005
What about being called a Bitch? Do women feel being tough but in turn not being attractive to potential mates? Do women have a tendency to be mild mannered so that they fit in and being aggressive doesn't fit? Is this starting to change due to that fact that 1/3 of school yard fight involve girls?

I read somewhere that men and women’s brains are designed differently and retain some specifics naturally... something to do with men foraging and women staying and developing the homestead... or something. There might be a specific reason why women or young girls do worst in math and science, but acknowledging that fact if true SHOULD actually mean that teachers are aware of it and challenge the young girls more as well as learn HOW to teach a girl to understand the question put in front of them. IN OTHER WORD there is no coping out of the responsibility to teach young girls math and science or allowing low grades to be expectable.

I am a big education nut. Mostly because I feel that after taking a few classes in teaching architecture and being president of a school organization that tutors people, I have learned that people learn in a specific way. In fact adults learn differently that children AND YET our school system educates both the same way. There have been major studies from the 60 up to the 80's and beyond, confirming how we should teach children and how adults learn AND YET we still have a system based on 19 century thought and the fact that schools were designed mostly to teach you how to do repetitive tasks and memorization so you can go into a workforce that was mostly made of factories. Workers are not automatons anymore, they are now knowledge workers yet grades are judges and set based on industrial revolution standards.

Maybe this is why the ladies aint representing the bosses...