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Don't let it happen you to or your company
Published on May 22, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Business
If you or someone you know is a victim of work harrassment, take a look at the link below.

As a victim myself, and as someone apparelty fired for it, you should know your rights. There are things you can AND can not go to court for if it goes to that level. Also keep in mind that "I'll sue" is not always an option. You have to try to work out the situation with your employer and then take the case to relevent govermental parties. If that does not solve the situation, then make court your final destination, not the first one.

IF YOUR AN EMPLOYER, you should know that most laws favor the business, not the individual. If you take the minor step as discribed in the link, you can avoid costly litigation from one or multiple employees. Do not be like my former company who has no records of any investigation to my multiple harrasment and retaliation charges. Its not worth it, even if you win in court, you loose money and don't be surpised that there will be others trying the same thing over and over.

And educated employer and employee will benifit all. You will be hearing more about my case against this security company in future blogs.

(Also note that this is why I formed Job Network ad Knowledge JobNet. Its not just for people to fid work, it is for employers to protect themselves and get the best fit employee)

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