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Bogus blogs snare fresh victims

The bogus web journals are being used as traps that infect visitor's machines with keylogging software or viruses.

Filtering firm Websense said it had found hundreds of bogus blogs baited with all kinds of malicious software to snare the unwary.

Websense warned that the baited blogs could get past traditional security measures that try to protect people from malicious programs.

Hidden harm

The company said blogs were being used because they inadvertently offered lots of help to computer criminals.

Blogs are free and simple to use, offer users lots of storage space, can be used anonymously and...

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on Apr 15, 2005
thanx for the warning
on Apr 22, 2005
I thought is was pretty interesting to add to the archive. Its would seem that when something becomes a stable in consumer or business or any sort of personal lifestlye importance, the criminal element tend to take a likeing to it.