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Published on April 5, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Google
Google must have heard me talk about what they were going to do with Keyhole in a previous post.

Here are some images of i in action:
CNET Shots

Now, whether this is a great use for Keyhole is another story. I was more expecting more of a zoom (like almost eye level much like what A( is trying to do)


Google adds satellite images to maps

By Dawn Kawamoto Staff Writer, CNET

Google has added satellite technology to its mapping service, in a move to outdo competitors Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and others.

The new satellite feature allows consumers to get an aerial photo snapshot of the location for which they are searching. People can enter an address and click on the "Satellite" link to view an area, zoom in or see neighboring locations by moving the cursor.

"Thinking about spending time at the shore this summer? Search for hotels with Google Local and check out...

For more, click on the link provided...

on Apr 05, 2005
I'd feature your articles a lot more if you didn't have "Links ARchive: Cnet" at the start of them.  "Google uses Keyhole" would have been fine.