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Some things happen for a reason... maybe not...

Its been about 5 weeks since I have been on what I would call forced public assistance (since I am not allowed to collect unemployment) Next week will begin the 6th week. I am supposed to get my security certificate renewed (as if I really want to go back to being a security guard after what happened to me) but what can I do? So much for having a degree LOL

Now, for some reason, my food allocation (lets call it food stamps for short) hasn't renewed, my patience with Public Assistance has expired (although I think the idea and, for the most part, the execution of it is pretty revolutionary). Why? because it is so mentally draining to do it. It really is. It is hard to explain.

I probably have another 5 weeks to go before I go into the dreaded WEP program where it would seem people get abuse by employers and EMPLOYEES because the WEP workers are beneath them.

More of a reason to find work FAST!!! I don't mind earning 160 dollars a week, but I rather not be abused by anyone just because I am in a WEP program.

The good news COULD be that I get a relatively nice employer who's workers don't have a attitude for us poor WEP workers and find a job there. The funny thing is though when I am in low position jobs, most of which are populated by those without education, I find myself either lying to keep the job (because it seems some employers want uneducated people to work for them so that they can get away with things) or being focused on by managers who think I'm trouble.

Most of the time, I just don't bother to mention I have a degree or was in grad school recently until money problems.

I was going somewhere with this, but I seemingly forgot. It had something to do with Public Assistance being better than it was before especially with the back to work program. For me though, it is a very trying experience. One of which I do not plan to repeat.

Makes me wish I never said anything to my former employer about the harassment I was receiving or the drugs and alcohol on the site.

Some people think being n Public Assistance is a piece of cake. Some people think that poor people love free money or love saying they are on public assistance. I am sure people heard or over heard some talk BIG about how they take advantage of PA or they do this or that... talking big only to feel better about the situation they are in.

It is not fun, I would rather have a job, I do not like the goverment in every detail of my business, I don't like being tracked and finally I don't like being looked down apon just because I am in a rough spot of my life.

All of this while I fight a human right case, fight for my unemployment and write to EEOC... all of which takes even more money that I don't have.

I have seen a lot of people here write about how they don't like their money being given to poor people, or how polititians make this an issue when it really isn't about anything... I read about how THEY were poor when they were kids, but it is far different when your an adult and have bills and need to pay rent and buy food just to get to the next day, forget about saving for the future or opening a business. Go to school? need a job to do that, but your too tired and hungry to educate yourself.

It end up being a very endless cycle of only a few get out of without help.

Your tax dollars at work.

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