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A Monthly Newsletter On JoeUser
Published on March 2, 2005 By joeKnowledge In Internet
This newsletter will have the looks of a blog.... hmmmm... does this mean I should make this a blog or just a blog post?) but instead it will have some of the hottest debated topics on JoeUser (whether it be a blog or in the forums... but mostly it will be blogs).

I thought of this while reading some of the things that go on here at JoeUser. There are so many interesting blogs and the forums are very active indeed.

I think this is something worth developing. I think I might even do a background development blog on how I plane to put this together and how it worked out.

Speaking of development blog, I haven't posted on my development blog in a while. The main project here is Search Advertising.Info, but I haven't spoke to the issues of putting together that site nor how it was going in general. I revamped it and it is currently in beta... along with my other projects... well they are in alpha actually LOL

Anyway, back to JoeUser; I think this would be a splendid idea for more interaction on Joe User (not that it needs it) and a way to see what going on in short way. Of course Blog Navigator, to me, is the BEST way to view JoeUser and to find gems in the ruff but it is currently under the weather do to a MS update breaking some code. It is being worked on as I write this.

So, just like WinCustomize has a newsletter, not JoeUser (in an unofficial way) will have one too. When I finish it, I will post it on Knowledge.|:.Net. Putting it there will allow me to share with my friends who are currently testing out a alpha version of my website joeKnowledge. (Knowledge.|:.Net is a career blog with a focus on creating your own knowledge base to show what you know rather than just tell them. Plus, it will give you an ability to collect and store valuable info on persons, places and things)

So what do you think??? Joe User Issue#1? I hope its something people will read.

Also in the works:
The Art and Skin Report... REALLY delayed
Anifanatic Issue #1

on Mar 02, 2005
About a year ago, I had similair idea for something called "JU Digest." It's been on my backburner.

If I ever do get around to it, please don't think I'm ripping you off.

on Mar 02, 2005
Never! Don't worry about that.
... in the mean time, join my blog group
on Mar 15, 2005
.. in the mean time, join my blog group

on Mar 15, 2005
Joe User Issue#1?

I just hope it has good supervillains...
on Mar 15, 2005
... with the way some people carry on over there, especially on the forums, there just might be a super vilian.

but I doubt it.

Some HOT HOT topics though... I'm collecting them now.

Oh and thanks for joining knowledge net!!!! if it means anything your be helping people from public assistance to learn more about technology and being more employable!!!

on Mar 15, 2005
Oh and thanks for joining knowledge net!!!! if it means anything your be helping people from public assistance to learn more about technology and being more employable!!!

How does this work again joeKnowledge - somehow I missed this aspect of your efforts. A link to an appropriate page will do if it's too much to go into here.

Edit: Particularly, I wondered what range of resources your network encompassed (or hoped to) and whether or not you'd had any feedback yet on its practical impact.