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Come one guys! Add them here so those coders can get to work! LOL
Published on February 20, 2005 By joeKnowledge In OS Customization
I have been thnking about a few ideas for a widget.

On idea has to do with popular searches on a daily basis and depending on how much an item is searched, the DX object changes color...

How about a fuzzy logic mood changer based on moon phases and time of day?

Now that we have a caleneder/clock/notetaking device, how about it changing shape when an alert comes on?

Gmail notification... ok, how about gmail notification and email access directly to the gmail interface using Googles API's???

WinCustomize browser h'uh?... how about a DX browser that plugs right into the message board and even inserts its own image noting the post was made by a DX widget??????

Tabbed browsing for DX using IE?

Podcast widget????

CSS creator/helper?

How about drag and drop files into a DX window and DX makes a zip (or a stardock ObjectZip) file?

I got more!!!!

on Feb 20, 2005
By the way, do we have any DX objects that read RSS feeds and also show an image too (if the feed has an image to go with it).

on Feb 20, 2005
"How about a fuzzy logic mood changer based on moon phases and time of day?"

How will moon phases and time of day help you determine his current mood in oreder to change it?