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I wish it was better on touch screens though
Published on March 7, 2016 By joeKnowledge In OS Customization

Hello everyone! It's nice to be back. I've been around since 2001/2 (I can't remeber) and I've seen some things. I used to change the way my desktop looked everyday for at least 2 years, then it was every 2 days... then once a week... now it's more like I'll change my DreamScapes wallpaper every few days or so and that's it. I can now keep a "theme" for months. It might be because I work off of laptops mostly now instead of my desktop.

The main skinning program for me was WindowBlinds... but not as much now.


Windowblinds: It just doesn't change the way things look, it is actually very helpful productivity tool. I personally used (allot) rollup window, always on top, and even the fade to 50 percent transparency. When I just had to have music controls on the windowblinds that was cool too.

I think if a skinner wanted to, they could have windowblinds hyperlink buttons, RSS feed scrolls, show desktop button, open folders, start programs... I can't think of anything else.

This is why I love the program and one day (it will probably take me a year to get good at skinning it) I hope to make some too. I'm a functional kind of guy, but then again I'm kinda artsy too. I've always wanted to make a WindowBlind with Triangles... Can't get more original than triangle WindowBlinds.

But alas... Windowblinds had a flaw

Well it may or may not be a flaw in WindowBlinds. I'm not sure... but I can't really use it on my lapop. Why? Because I love love lve having touch screen laptops and I don't have much screen space. Finding a minimal theme with big buttons for touch screen is hard.


All this writing I guess is to ask: Anyone know of some big button themes I can maybe use for WindowBlinds hat are more touch friendly?

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