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Published on November 3, 2004 By joeKnowledge In Internet

Reheated Bagle smokes out antivirus defenses
Published: October 29, 2004, 8:21 AM PDT
By Dawn Kawamoto
Staff Writer, CNET

A new version of the fast-spreading Bagle mass-mailing worm was discovered Friday, with its threat level quickly rising to a moderate level, according to security experts.

Bagle.BB, also known as W32/, was raised to a medium risk assessment by security company McAfee. The virus had triggered more than 100 reports to McAfee's antivirus and vulnerability emergency response team by early morning in Europe. Antivirus software makers have also identified two other variants of the Bagle virus that are successfully spreading.

Other security experts noted that there are specific challenges with the latest variant of Bagle.

"This version tries to block the Netsky virus on users' machines, which seems like retaliation on Netsky," said Stefana Ribaudo, a security management product manager for Computer Associates International. The authors of the Bagle and Netsky variants have taken to taunting each other in the worms' software code.

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