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North Korea and Iran Know EXACTLY What They Are Doing
Published on October 17, 2006 By joeKnowledge In War on Terror
Americans, Europeans, Asians, Rusians, Africans... deal with it.

Not even the USA can do anything about North Korea and for that matter Iran. Just think about it for a minute. How exactly do you propose that we or any other nation do anything?

Talking won't work because these countries use talking to allow them more time and to give themsevles more of a bargaining chip (ransom) later on. Why would North Korea stop its nuclear plan? Sanctions? Those sanctions will be lifted just as soon as they say, "Sure, we will talk now." Of course, they will be a full blown nuclear state by then and have their leveraging power (including selling their weapons to anyone as a threat to the USa and anybody else).

And of course Iran, who is watching this, clearly sees it can do the same thing right now. Remember all the deals it wanted to put forth (like the one to the French)? They are not talking about THAT anymore.

SO, who's going to stop this? Why would North Korea stop? The only thing that might stop Iran in its tracks is Isreal who will bomb them as soon as they think Iran is about to have a weapon. But fof course, that would definailty start WWIII, so that would be a big responcibility.

So, what is stopping North Korea from doing what it wants? China is putting itself in a helpless situation (either be constantly threatened by North Korea or deal with millions of poor people crossing the border after the collapse of the regime).

Can anyone tell me why North Korea will stop? Why Iran will stop?

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on Oct 18, 2006

We see the same symptoms and attribute it to different causes.  While the ends for Iran and NK may be the same, I dont equate them.  Beleive it or not, I think that Iran is much the more rational nation.  Although that is relative.  Iran has to placate their citizens, even as it uses propaganda to inflame them.

NK does not, and so does not even try to placate them.

No, neither rule the world.  But I think NK is going to overplay their hand, and the results will hopefully scare Iran back into reality.

on Oct 19, 2006
I don't think they will over play their hand (North Korea). I think, in fact, there is no way that they can over play their plan. All North Korea has to do is say, 'ok, we will talk', and there will be throngs of countries saying stop the sanction immediately and go into talks. The USA will be used as a scapegoat again, and North Korea will be back in control (as if they really ever lost it).

China is stuck, Russia wants a pipeline to go through the country, South Korea wants to re-unite... other world countries will just about do ANYTHING to avoid war even if that is the only option... Why would Iran, Syria and other radical state NOT see this as a way to behave? It a smart move on their part.

North Korea would have to make a major mistake in order to mess this up for themeselves. Maybe an implosion within the government or they somehow loose control of a weapons test and cause death in another country. Other than that... do you really see North Korea stopping? They will test their bomb until they KNOW IT WORKS and then go back to 'talks' so that the elite can get their wine, satelite TV and good meals back.

Future threats will include selling material to terrorist and other countries INCLUDING Iran, Syria and so forth.

Iran... well, I think they will take the same path because IT WORKS. Who will stop it? Think about it. The UN??? They can't even get the full effects of the sanctions on North Korea to work.