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What is the different between McDonalds and Wal-Mart when it comes to business ethics?
Published on February 11, 2006 By joeKnowledge In Business
Seriously... what is so bad about Wal-Mart? Why do people think that a job should always pay, no matter what it is, a 'living wage'?

Granted that many 'entry level' jobs are really just dead end jobs with no chance of advancement or pay increase, but they are low paying jobs for a reason.

As far as employee treatment, I am not sure if Wal-Mart is different than any other major chain of service/product businesses. Is McDonalds a bad place to work? What about Starbucks? K-Mart?

Sears? JB Hunt? UPS? Fed-Ex?

What is the different between a ompany like McDonalds and Wal-Mart?

Does business ethics realy exist anyway? Aren't business amoral?

As for all those small businesses who end up closing, isn't it true that the SAME capitalist economy that allowed you to thrive is the same one that can take it away? Isn't that how you got to where you got to in the first place?

Why can't a Wal-Mart be an anchor store for the other stores instead of being a demise for them? Sure some stores will close, but what about other businesses that can thrive on the new traffic or even the new businesses that can start because of the new Wal-Mart store?

Granted that a Wal-Mart won't fit everywhere. I can't see a Wal-Mart in my nieghborhood (I can see a Home Depot though...) but that doesn't mean that it just won't work.

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